Platinum Supermarket

Platinum Supermarket Premier Level

includes, Point of Sale, Inventory, receiving, customer, reporting, and business management.

MTI App is available for Platinum Supermarket for $ 50 a month per phone

Use your cell phone to keep an Eye on your entire business activities, see sales up to this minutes, review inventory, weekly sales, monthly sales, cost, and profit.
increasing customer demands in the marketplace and the desire to increase profitability have changed the way grocers need to do business.

It is increasingly more difficult for supermarkets to compete with the very large supermarket chains and discounters who are selling on line as well as offering free deliveries. However, thanks to new technology tools available today, the picture gets better and better for any size of supermarkets. They can offer eCommerce selling on line and maximize customer service, increase inventory turn over, and increase profit with the power of Platinum Supermarket™. Platinum Supermarket™ allows store owners to manage their supermarkets more efficiently — not only to stay in business to compete, but also to grow. Platinum Supermarket™ is an intuitive and easy-to-use total business automation and management system with over 25 years of practical knowledge running any size of supermarkets. Platinum Supermarket™ is an end-to-end solution for any size grocery store. “End-to-end” means that all aspects of operating a grocery store are covered: from inventory control, purchasing management, point of sale transactions (including flexible store coupons and a variety of transaction options), customer management (including customer history and frequent buyer programs); to flexible store coupons and complete MIS functions (including security control and more).


Point-Of-Sale Functions

Platinum Supermarket™’s streamlined cashier operations ensure your customers will get through the line, make their purchases, and be happily on their way with a no delay.

ECommerce, Web Store Option

Platinum Supermarket™ allows your customers to search your web site and place an order, pay for the grocery and select pick up or deliveries. Once the order is placed, an invoice is emailed to them and a picking sheet will be printed in your store or warehouse. Inventory is adjusted in the store automatically and all system processes are done as the sale has taken place in the store.

Inventory Control

Platinum Supermarket™’s real-time system automatically adjusts your stock levels the instant sales are made. At any time, you can request the status of your inventory and know that the data you see reflects the true state of your store.

Purchasing Management

Platinum Supermarket™ takes the guesswork out of purchasing by automatically generating purchase orders based on your actual sales history and business trends.

Customer Relationship Management (CRM)

The ability to tailor sales to individuals is one of the largest secrets of the retail giants. Your customers want to know about upcoming special deals, and customers appreciate feeling as if they are known by the places they shop at as well. With Platinum Supermarket™, you can easily keep track of your customer’s purchase history and shopping habits.

Manager Control

Platinum Supermarket™ gives you to ability to keep a close eye on your profits no matter where you are. At any time, from anywhere, you can access detailed summaries of store operations.

RF Integration Option

Being able to do multiple tasks in multiple areas of your store at the same time can be key to a smooth operation. Platinum Supermarket™ can allow you to do just that by offering RF (radio frequency) integration. With Platinum Supermarket™ and a wireless data terminal, a whole new dimension of accessibility awaits.

Manage Your Business Anywhere Anytime

Being a business owner or a general manager means you’re constantly on the move. But staying in touch with your stores, your inventories, your item movements and your employees is paramount to sustaining profit and growth. Platinum Supermarket™ allows you to access all essential information of your enterprise instantly from anywhere anytime and to make essential decision that will have immediate effect in your bottom line.

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