Point of Sale

Point of Sale

Whether you are an online seller who is interested in managing sales and inventory on eBay, Amazon, Pro Stores or you are a brick and mortar retailer who would like to expand his market and take advantage of online channels, Brick ‘n Click will help.

Merchants Watchdog (POS)

Merchant’s Watchdog™ is an entry level retail management system. It provides all the essential information and tools required for a retailer who is discovering the benefits of automating their retail business. It allows retailers to manage their stores more efficiently — not only just to stay in business and merely compete, but also to grow and boost sales. How? Merchant’s Watchdog™ is an intuitive and easy to use total business automation and management system with over 25 years of practical application running small to medium sized retail business. With Merchant’s Watchdog, the growth path is already set for you. As your sales grow, Merchant’s Watchdog™ will grow with you — from the POS system, to a complete Retail management system (Platinum Retail), to a Multi-Channel solution (Brick ‘n Click) and all the way to Retail Enterprise, allowing you to manage a complete chain of stores.

Features Include:

Inventory Control

Merchant’s Watchdog™ tracks your transactions and your inventory, and it is instantly updated the moment a transaction takes place.

Point-of-Sale Functions

Your cash register or sales terminal operates as a complete central pricing unit to perform the daily tasks of making sales, taking returns, and journalizing in detail all transactions made by your cashiers. You can easily obtain summaries for all multi-channel sales cost and profitability.

Purchasing Management

Merchant’s Watchdog™ POS module has all the functionality of electronic cash register. It practically turns your PC into an intuitive and easy to use “Cash register” while maintaining your inventory in real time. It streamlines cashier operations and allows your customers to make their purchases and be on their way with no delay — and that means a happy customer base, one that is sure to return again and again.

Credit/Debit Card Processing

Need to process credit/debit cards? With the addition of a magnetic card reader, PIN pad, internet or even a telephone line and a merchant account, Merchant’s Watchdog™ will electronically process essentially any form of payment you might encounter.

Store Management

Being a business owner means being constantly on the move. However, keeping in touch with your store, your employees, your customers, and your inventory is paramount to sustaining growth. You want to analyze trends and keep a close eye on profits. You want to keep only the hottest items in stock. Merchant’s Watchdog™ gives you the ability to do all of the above, and the power to manage growth. At any time, from anywhere, access detailed summaries of store operations. Analyze sales by actual percentage of profit versus average profit.

Additional Product Available for our Multi-Location Chains