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Our Products

Platinum Food Service™ is Ideal for Quick Service Restaurants Quick service restaurants are fast-paced dining establishments where nothing is more important than speed, accuracy, and efficiency.
Platinum Supermarket Increasing customer demands in the marketplace and the desire to increase profitability have changed the way grocers need to do business.
Platinum Retail™ is an intuitive and easy to use total business automation and management system with years of experience running all types of small to medium sized retail businesses.
MTI Platinum Enterprise™ is an enterprise-level extension to our MTI Platinum series products. Platinum Enterprise™ can grow with you — with an unlimited number of storefronts, with up to 999 POS stations or workstations in each store.
Whether you are an online seller who is interested in managing sales and inventory on eBay, Amazon, Pro Stores or you are a brick and mortar retailer...