Platinum Food Services

Platinum Food Services growth Level touch Screen System

Platinum Food Services Premier Level

includes, Point of Sale, Inventory, receiving, customer, reporting, and business management.

MTI App is available for Platinum Supermarket for $ 50 a month per phone

Use your cell phone to keep an Eye on your entire business activities, see sales up to this minutes, review inventory, weekly sales, monthly sales, cost, and profit.
Platinum Food Service™ is Ideal for Quick Service Restaurants Quick service restaurants are fast-paced dining establishments where nothing is more important than speed, accuracy, and efficiency. That’s why Platinum Food Service POS is the perfect solution to keep lines moving while allowing for easily customizable orders and clear communication between the counter and the kitchen. Training your employees takes just minutes, and with real-time reporting you can access up-to-the-minute sales data from anywhere at any time.

Point Of Sale Functions

Platinum Food Services module has all the functionality of electronic cash register. It practically turns your PC into an intuitive and easy to use “Cash register” while maintaining your inventory in real time. It streamlines cashier operations and allows your customers to make their purchases and be on their way with no delay — and that means a happy customer base, one that is sure to return again and again.

  • Train managers and cashiers in minutes
  • Streamline your checkout process to keep lines moving
  • Customize your button layout and change prices effortlessly
  • Easily modify orders to account for different sizes and add-ons
  • Time card will track the hours your employees work with time clock functionality.

Credit/Debit Card Processing Need to process credit/debit cards? With the addition of a magnetic card reader, PIN pad, internet or even a telephone line and a merchant account, Merchant’s Watchdog™ will electronically process essentially any form of payment you might encounter.

Back Office Management

  • Manage your inventory efficiently using the information system provides you
  • Keep Control of Cost of sale and learn to maintain your profit margins and more
  • CRM will help you capture customer information for email marketing around promotions and events
  • Automatically order when you are at the order point to ensure you’re never out of stock
  • Hourly sales report shows you insightful information to help align staffing with volume demand

Being in the food services business, in this economy, means being constantly on the move. Keeping track of food costs is essential to remaining in the business, and thriving in this economy. Also keeping in touch with your store, your employees, your customers, and your inventory is paramount to sustaining growth. You want to analyze trends and keep a close eye on profits daily. On a daily basis you can see the hot sellers and slow movers in the operation. We help you manage the business profitably everyday by providing essential information to assist you. Platinum Food Services gives you the ability to do all of the above, and the power to manage growth. At any time, from anywhere, access detailed summaries of store operations. Analyze sales by actual percentage of profit versus average profit.

Connecting To HQ Servers:

MTI Commerce offers below HQ product if required, Our Data bases have ODBC Microsoft compliancy which enables us to write and read to any other data bases on the market.

KVS System

MTI Commerce Supports Logic Controls Logic Net®

Logic Net® was specifically designed to meet the most demanding kitchen system requirements. Logic Net® was originally designed to IBM’s restaurant system specifications and was subsequently OEMed by IBM. It is a cost-effective solution because it requires no PC workstations, no network hubs, no network adapters or interface cards, and no network software. The world’s largest and best restaurant companies have adopted Net® for its high reliability, secure network features, compact size and proven track record. Logic Net is supported by leading software vendors supplying kitchen system software including Aloha, EXIT41, FuturePOS, Positive Solutions, Positouch, Xpient Solutions, SIVA, System3 POS and others. Logic Net® is comprised of the LM3000 Series control modules and LS3000 Series I/O workstations.


The LM3000 control module is attached to the server via an ethernet, serial or USB connection, and up to 16 LS3000 I/O workstations are in turn connected to the LM3000 control module. A zero single-point-of-failure configuration is also supported. Logic Net®, is a highly reliable computer network system ideal for many dedicated applications in industries such as kitchen and factory automation. This new network system replaces the PC’s at each workstation with a small rugged module. The Logic Stations (LS3000) are connected together and to the Logic Master (LM3000) by a RS485 multi-drop cable loop. The LM3000 can be connected to the server via RS232, USB or ethernet interface. With ethernet interface, the LM3000 is IP addressable. In a typical Logic Net® system, one PC, through a single LM3000 master module, can control up to 16 remote LS3000 modules. Each LS3000 in turn drives a multitude of peripheral devices such as VGA monitor, keyboard, and peripherals with a serial interface, to make a complete workstation. Logic Controls’ patented interface technology enables a single LS3000 module to drive a large number of peripherals without any added hardware. Each LS and LM module is housed in a small rugged die cast case, measuring only 5″L x 6″W x 1″H. Logic Controls supplies a comprehensive software development tool to system integrators at no charge. With the supplied software tool, software engineers can easily develop network and graphic applications.

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